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Hello everyone, welcome today, what we are going to do is a Rolex Batman opposite a replica or fake Batman. We will ask some public opinion and see if people can recognize the differences will make a direct comparison and show you what the differences are and what tests in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtiming and washing pressure.

Look at how the fake looks at the real Rolex and then gives you my opinion, so without starting to get started so I actually have two Rolex to relax Batman's have you ever seen this watch before one of these watches yes one of them like me said a real Rolex Batman who sells to six thousand five hundred and fifty and the other is a fake of which I have bought four hundred pounds okay of course you have a little experience in terms I have seen rocks Batman in the past friend of you has one but I want that you look at these and tell me which is the fake so I have a lot you can do,

you can make a sneak of it why do you think no that you can not see the same is okay only by looking at those that I think this is the real one it's just the quality and I really do not know I've certainly thought that this was the fake until I saw wow I think it's real, has no hologram so what you say is real, that's a fake yes actually is it so if, yes, I said earlier how much money would you be happy to take a gamble now that a fake is one how much money yes that is that is slow when we go you know it I will probably say DePandi's yes yes, you do not get the money,

The Top Ten Ways To Spot A Fake Or Counterfeit Rolex

Serial & Model Number Stamping

Rolex watches have a sealed back case. Very few sellers can easily open the case to show the movement, so we have to look carefully at the outside of the case. Rolex etches the model (case) number between the lugs at 12 o’clock and the serial number between the lugs at 6 o’clock. After 2005, Rolex started to engrave the serial number on the inside bezel under the crystal at 6 o’clock. A fake Rolex often has an incorrect model case number that can be detected with a simple Google search. Looking up the model case number will let us see if it corresponds to the same model or a different one.

but you're right I think if you would have seen it If I just wear this, do you think you ever noticed or could say that you think this is one if I just see me walk on the street, so now that we've seen public opinion about the well two watches let's look at the actual identifiable differences of these watches so that the replica that's bought is known as a triple a replica so it's actually a good replica and in all honesty I do not think many people would notice that I can call you,

but if you hold them side by side, there are some substantial differences. Let's try them as soon as possible from what I can see, the normal Batman GMT comes in at forty millimeters, but the replica part seems to be considerably larger, you can immediately see them next to the black and blue border that is a huge sales argument is for the Rolex Batman, it's pretty good, the layout is different if you look in detail,


Every real Rolex have a clear stamped serial number on its movement. We will examine the quality of the stamping and the correct numbering.

but the biggest giveaway is on the replica part. The bezel turns only one way and that goes in the style of a dive watch like a Submariner while the real pieces click on both sides of the glass the Cyclops on the non-authentic piece is not enlarged and on the dial the indices are raised and you can certainly see a difference as the font and text are slightly different but you would probably never pay attention if you do not look side by side and the engraving on the spot where the serial number and Rolex is on the inside is also something else the biggest giveaway in terms of the this versus this for me is the bracelet,

even though there is a good weigh this and it is an automatic movement, the central links do not have that which appears and the actual closure itself is just not so well finished or not smooth in terms of the opening and is just not helped so well and also does not have the extra extension on it that is a dead giveaway on the Rolex bracelet around on the crown the crown they have both n the Rolex crown with the three dots beneath it but when you pull the crown out, that's a screwed crown when when you screw this out of it you just do not feel good and a huge giveaway in terms of movement when you pull the crown out once you get the date change,


One surefire way to determine whether a supposed Rolex is real or not is to see if it is waterproof. All Rolex watches are made to be perfectly airtight — if your watch leaks even a little bit, it's probably not the real thing.

flicking once you pull the crown on the original piece and the crown turns it will jump at that hour hand and so you change the date, so a huge difference at the first position which also means that you can set the GMT hand sir as a GMT look the replica is completely zero a void let us go through a bit more and see how it does in terms of it holds the 100 meter pressure and how is its timing against the tolerances

comparison of what thoughts we have given the replica piece by its tempo service cent to see how its timing is and its pressure testing I think it's a good time to just give an opinion on what I think about false watches versus real and my experience based on them, so let's rewind back to my first meeting ever with a fake luxury watch or a fake really a psychotic or the first time that I encountered was actually one that my father bought for me when I wanted him to buy me on a beach when I was almost an early teen, probably it was a fake tag here, I knew I do not think much about it,


Weight - Genuine Rolex watches have some heft to them
The second way to spot a fake is by the heft of the watch. Fake Rolex watches are generally lighter, whereas a real Rolex is made of high-quality metals, and will weigh significantly more.

she looks back at the one and I just wanted to get a brand watch that I thought would look good and look expensive. It seemed a week later not particularly expensive when the minute hand had passed and the metal on the indexes and the dial began to catch it around with the minute hand probably slow slow in minute-to-bottom essentially that did not look too cool and it was a complete waste of money it's fair to say that since then I have never bought another replica or fake watch there are many people who do reviews and say how you should not buy fake watches because of piracy and it goes against the watch industry and what you know,

but you know that people download fake earlier music and pirate videos as long as I think that resonates and resonated to me when I was young and watching bytes is a complete waste of money now here we are fast forward X number of years I bought this replica piece in Morocco a month or so and I want to get a tripl one and spend a little money on one, so I would compare a good one because these fake goods are getting better,

Caseback Engravings

On a genuine Rolex, the printed lettering on the dial should be precise with very clean edges (easily seen under high magnification).

Look at the lettering under magnification. Everything on a genuine Rolex is perfect. If the lettering or the markers on the edge of the dial look blotchy, it’s a fake.

there are better ones than those and just to give people a nice video that is said to feel a little sad to spend money on swimming and no I will never wear it because like I said I had a bad experience and I would never be an ambassador for wearing a fake piece. I actually bought it on a Moroccan market and I tried to shop around because I wanted a good price and wanted to exchange a good deal and get the best quality if I could find I mean that there were two I found and the second one I went to a chip on the glass and so I asked them if they had another piece available that could watch and I tried to play the two on another that he then came play with another and as he passed the watch fell there was a pin on the floor and the watch fell apart and almost fell into the floor and broke I think it was safe to say that the man knew he had completely lost the deal at the time and I clearly said to me oh she is clearly of a very poor quality.

Watch the second hand. Genuine Rolex watches have a smooth movement of the second hand, a fake will click every second off.

I will not buy it if I had left and bought it and spent a hundred pounds on that watch, it could have been the next day a week later that that watch fell off my wrist and fell on the floor and you know that it had been complete waste,

If it’s a Stainless Daytona Cosmograph, it’s a fake. You will never see a genuine one for sale on the street or on someone’s wrist unless you know them personally and you know that they have the money to buy one.

a minute that I actually went back to the other stand and bought it the guy seemed really annoyed at the price and took him to even I still paid him because for a not really Rolex watch he would not sickness egal in the UK anyway besides all that, but I think if you're going oh you respect what a Rolex stands for, an Amiga or another brand of yours, from Patek to everything, if you want to buy it look at the watch in your regard and you want to get the feeling out of it,

Last but not least, the cyclops lens on the face of the true Rolex will magnify the date. It's hard to replicate, so most counterfeit timepieces will skip this step and the date will appear the same size.

then you have to go with the real piece. I do not know if this watch that I have bought here and spent more than £ 100 will last a week a month would pass a test in the general public if you wear and say I bought this Rolex yes would probably need someone with a sharp eye who knows their watches to identify it but even that I do not see as what the problem is, I see it as when I first invested in my first luxury watch, it meant something and I knew that it was a real deal and I was proud of it and it was a kind of emotional attachment and I knew that craftsmanship and years of experience and work was included in this piece and that meant something that I was not I try the fact that I I can afford something imaginative, so do not look everyone can pay a Rolex,

Listening to the movement is another. Mechanical watches are pretty quiet so if it's loud, it's not genuine.

but if you have to spend a hundred pounds, do not waste it on something that's sub-standard, there are plenty of watches that are of great value to make money or saving, make it a target and save it because I felt bad to spend a hundred pounds and waste a hundred pounds of fake that I will never wear,

so you know I'm sure someone who can not afford a Rolex Batman the real piece does not want to throw away 100 200 300 400 pounds on a not really piece there is so much that you can get for value for money do you research and do not waste your money on the non-authentic piece to try some sort of To achieve image-saver buy something that is worth the value you pay and have that emotional attachment that looks like it can do for you, so I think we'll sign with that and thank you for looking at make.