Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)​​


  • ​​4-year programme
  • Technical courses
  • Use of computer applications and software​
  • Capstone design project which would involve an integration of all aspects of Civil Engineering
  • Industrial training
  • 10 undergraduate laboratories

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a full-time undergraduate programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) which is designed to prepare students to become Civil Engineers who are able to plan, design, construct and maintain civil engineering facilities such as buildings, bridges, foundation, highways, water supply systems, sewerage schemes and other form of infrastructure. The program is also designed to provide students with the educational base to progress to Professional Engineer status as well as to undertake Master of Civil Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy from UNITEN and other reputable institutions of higher learning.


The Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) is a 4-year programme where undergraduate students will study courses in civil engineering in the following areas:

  • Structural Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Transportation & Highway Engineering

  • Water Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Project Management and Construction

In addition to the above, undergraduate students will also study other technical courses such as Engineering Surveying, Engineering Geology, Computer Programming, Engineers in Society and Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology. The use of computer applications and software is integrated throughout the program. Students will also study English and Malay languages, technical communication, moral/religious studies and humanities in order to produce engineers who are technically competent with strong commitment to ethics and professionalism and able to communicate effectively which are all essential for students to build successful career.


Undergraduate students will undertake a capstone design project in their final year. It is a team design project applying engineering and project management principles for a multidisciplinary design which would involve an integration of all aspects of Civil Engineering namely Environmental, Geotechnical, Water Supply, Sewerage, Structural, Transportation and Project Management, with the design process from conceptual and preliminary design to final design for construction purposes. It requires that each student demonstrate the ability to complete a significant engineering design using the knowledge gained as an undergraduate in the Civil Engineering program.


Undergraduate students will undergo industrial training at the end of the third year where students will be exposed to the various aspects of industrial practices and ethics and to acquire knowledge and skills of practical nature which are needed for their professional development. Students are also required to undertake research activities in their final year. The Final Year Project courses provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge through research activities and to apply this knowledge to real life problems.


The Department of Civil Engineering has a total of ten (10) undergraduate laboratories which are:

  • Civil Engineering Materials

  • Structural Engineering

  • Soil Mechanics

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Engineering Geology

  • Highway Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Engineering Surveying


The Department of Civil Engineering is in an active ​phase of growth and development. The upcoming year will be an exciting one with strategic plans and potential future paths for continued excellence for sta​ff and students alike.​