Programme Structure

Semester Code Courses Cr. Hour Pre-Requisite Co- Requisite
Semester I EEEB114 Programming for Engineers 4 NONE NONE
MATB143 Differential Equations 3 NONE NONE
EEEB111 Electrical/Electronics Measurement Lab 1 NONE EEEB113
EEEB113 Circuits  Analysis I   3 NONE NONE
MATB113 Advanced Calculus & Analytical Geometry   3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 14  
Semester II EEEB123 Circuits  Analysis II   3 EEEB113,MATB143 NONE
EEEB143 Electronics Analysis & Design I   3 EEEB113 NONE
EEEB163 Digital Logic Design   3 EEEB113 NONE
EEEB161 Digital Logic Design Lab 1 NONE EEEB163
MEMB123 Mechanics I: Statics   3 NONE NONE
ETIB113 Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16  
Semester III EEEB273 Electronics Analysis & Design II 3 EEEB143 NONE
EEEB141 Electronics Design Lab 1 EEEB111 EEEB143
EEEB233 Signal & System   3 EEEB123 NONE
MATB253 Linear Algebra 3 NONE NONE
TECB213 Technical Communications 3 NONE NONE
ICEB113/MCEB113 Islam/Moral & Civil Society for Engineers I 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16  
Semester IV MEHB213 Thermodynamics I 3 NONE NONE
EEEB283 Electrical Machines & Drives  3 EEEB113, MATB113,EEEB123 NONE
EEEB253 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves 3 EEEB123, MATB143 NONE
COEB223 Numerical Methods for Engineers 3 MATB143, MATB253 CCSB164
ICEB212/MCEB212 Islam/Moral & Civil Society for Engineers II 2 ICEB113/ MCEB113 NONE
AKPK111 Personal Financial Management 1 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 15  
Semester V EEPB353 Electrical Power System I 3 EEEB123, EEEB283 NONE
EEEB323 Control System I 3 EEEB233, MATB143 NONE
EEEB373 Microprocessor Systems 3 EEEB163,EEEB233 NONE
EESB313 Semiconductor Devices 3 EEEB273 NONE
EEEB383 Random Process 3 EEEB233 NONE
COEB422 Engineers in Society 2 TECB213, EEEB273 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 17  
Semester VI EECB351 Communication System Lab 1 NONE EECB353
EECB353 Communication System   3 EEEB233 NONE
EEEB363 Digital Signal Processing  3 EEEB233, EEEB373 NONE
EEEB371 Microprocessor Systems Lab 1 EEEB373 NONE
COEB432 Principles of Management  2 EEEB273 NONE
EECB423 Data Communication and Network 3 EEEB373,EEEB383 NONE
EHEB113 Hubungan Etnik 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16  
Special Semester COEB314 Industrial Training 4 EEEB323, 70 CH NONE
  Total Credit Hours 4  
Semester VII EEEB403 Capstone Design Course 3 COEB422,EECB423  
ECRB412 Project I 2 EEEB323, EEEB363,  NONE
EEPB353, EECB353
EEIB413 Process Control & Instrumentation 3 EEEB323, MEHB213 NONE
** Technical Elective I 3    
COEB442 Engineering Economics 2 EEEB273 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 13  
Semester VIII ECRB424 Project II 4 ECRB412,COEB314 NONE
** Technical Elective II 3    
** Technical Elective III 3    
** Technical Elective IV 3    
*** Literature and Sociology 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16  
**Technical Electives (Take any 4 subjects )
ECEB463  Artificial Intelligence and Neural-fuzzy Systems 3 EEEB323 NONE
ECEB473  Advanced Microprocessor  3 EEEB373 NONE
ECEB483 Computer Architecture 3 EEEB373 NONE
EECB433 Applied Telecommunication Systems 3 EECB353 NONE
EECB473 Data Network Architecture & Electronics 3 EECB423 NONE
EECB483 Optoelectronics and Fibre Optics  3 EEEB253 NONE
EECB493  Radio Frequency/Microwave Engineering  3 EEEB253 NONE
EEEB393 Power Electronics 3 EEEB233, EEEB283 NONE
EEEB423  Control System II  3 EEEB323 NONE
EEEB443 Control & Drives  3 EEEB393 NONE
EEEB513 Computer Controlled Systems 3 EEEB323   NONE
EEEB473 Image Processing  3 EEEB363 NONE
EEEB493 Introduction to Robotics  3 CCSB164, EEEB323 NONE
EESB423 VLSI Design 3 EEEB373 NONE
EESB433 Analog IC Design 3 EEEB273 NONE
EESB493 Embedded Systems 3 EEEB373, EEEB114 NONE
MESB413 Elements of Mechatronics 3 EEEB283, EEEB323 NONE
EEPB383 Electrical Power System II 3 EEPB353 NONE
EEPB413 Electrical Installations 3 EEPB353 NONE
EEPB423 Electrical Safety and Hazards 3 EEPB383 NONE
EEPB473 Power System Protection  3 EEPB353 NONE
EEPB493 High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), and FACTS Devices  3 EEEB393, EEPB353 NONE
EPEB413 Power Quality 3 EEPB353 NONE
EPEB423 Electricity Industry Economics 3 EEPB353 NONE
EPEB443 Energy Conversion 3 EEPB353 NONE
EPEB453 Power Distribution Engineering                             3 EEPB353 NONE
MENB403  Introduction to Nuclear Engineering 3 COEB422 NONE
MENB413  Radiation Detection and Nuclear Instrumentation 3 COEB422 NONE
MENB423  Introduction to Reactor Physic 3 COEB422 NONE
MENB433  Radiation Safety and Waste Management 3 COEB422 NONE
MENB443 Reactor Thermal-hydraulic 3 COEB422 NONE
MENB453  Nuclear Policy, Security and Safeguards 3 COEB422 NONE
MEHB513  Introduction to Nuclear Technology 3 COEB442 NONE
MQA and University (Compulsory)
AKPK111 Personal Financial Management 1 NONE NONE
EHEB113 Hubungan Etnik 3 NONE NONE
ICEB113/MCEB113 Islam/Moral & Civil Society for Engineers 1 3 NONE NONE
ICEB212/MCEB212 Islam/Moral & Civil Society for Engineers II 2 ICEB113/ MCEB113 NONE
ETIB113 Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia 3 NONE NONE
***Literature and Sociology (Take any 1 subject)
MLKB113 Bahasa Melayu 3 NONE NONE
KDKB113 Kepimpinan & Keusahawanan 3 NONE NONE
SPRB113 Sports & Recreation at Workplaces 3 NONE NONE
KKSB113 Kaunseling & Kerja Sosial 3 NONE NONE
RELB113 Comparative Religion 3 NONE NONE
PKIB113 Creative Thinking 3 NONE NONE
SPYB113 Introduction to Social Psychology   3 NONE NONE
MANB113 Mandarin 3 NONE NONE
FRAB113 French 3 NONE NONE
GERB113 German 3 NONE NONE
JAPB113 Japanese 3 NONE NONE