A 4-year study programme


Done in 8 semesters 127 credit hours

Programs are designed for professional careers and higher advancement

Engineering courses begin from the first year

Laboratory works

Computer aided engineering software​ as simulation and design tools

Well balanced in terms of technical, social knowledge and skills

Choose topics from technical electives during final year for specialization

Design project courses to apply engineering principles​

These programs are designed to prep​​are students fo​r professional careers and higher​ advancement in the area of communication, electronics, computers,​ control systems, signal processing, po​wer engineering and other related areas.

The curriculums for these undergraduate programs require a strong foundation in mathematics, calculus, physics, computer literacy and programming. Engineering courses begin from the first year itself and include topics, among others, electrical circuits, electronics, digital logic design, microprocessors, signals & system, control systems, and data communication and network. In addition to these topics, students taking BEEE programme will also be exposed to specialized topics such as electrical machines & drives, power systems, process control and instrumentation, communication systems; while students enrolling in BCCE will be exposed to topics related to computer architectures, operating systems, embedded systems, communication electr​onics, and digital communications.​​

Laboratory works which include electrical measurement techniques, application of non-linear devices, digital logic design, electrical machines, microprocessor, signal processing, computer networks and communication are intended to reinforce the principles obtained in the classroom. In addition, many engineering courses are classified as design courses and complemented by computer aided engineering software as simulation and design tools, thus further consolidating the understanding of engineering principles and its application. Students are also required to take language and social science courses to make them become mor​e well-balanced in terms of technical and social knowledge and skills. In the end of the third year, students will go through industrial training where they will be attached with industries all over Malaysia. This provides insights to students on the real working environment outside.

​​ During the final year, the students are free to choose several topics from technical electives, to specialize deeper in an area of their interest. They can choose to streamline to a particular options grouping. Design project courses (the Capstone Design and the Final Year Project) during the final year will aid students in gaining experience of current technology and equipment usage as well as provide opportunities to apply engineering principles that they have acquired earlier on, and even further advance into investigative research.