1. 2-day System Optimization Training (Pump System/Boiler System/Compressor System/Fan System/Building Automation System)

  • In-class learning and practical session
  • 1.5 day Theory + 0.5 day Practical/Demonstration
  • Learning materials designed based on UNIDO syllabus and industrial experience


2. Energy Management Workshop

  • Topics related to ISO 50001 Energy Management and AEMAS
  • Invited speakers from experienced Energy Auditors and Energy Manager Trainers, industrial consultants, MEPA and GreenTech Malaysia



1. Equipment Rental

  • Offering competitive price for equipment hire such as data logger, ultrasonic flowmeter, infrared thermometer, borescope with camera and etc.


2. Consultancy in SEMS

  • Providing consulting services and solutions for implementing Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS) that complies with ISO 50001.

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